Car Suspension Repair

One function of your car’s suspension is to provide a smooth and comfortable ride even when you’re on uneven or bumpy roads. However, the most important job of your suspension is to keep all four tyres in contact with the road, so that driving, steering and braking systems all work effectively.

There are many components working together to make sure your car’s suspension is doing it’s job properly. Shock absorbers or struts are the main parts, however it’s very important that the other parts, including springs, ball joints, brushes ad tie rod ends are in good condition.

Below is a quick checklist of some of the things that can go wrong when your suspension is worn;

  • There is a leaking fluid coming from th shock absorbers
  • The car doesnt seem to be handling correctly when going round corners
  • The tread on your tyres show evidence of unusal wear and tear
  • When you brake, the care dips forward

What can we do to repair your suspension?

Hi Performance Auto Centres carry a wide range of shock absorbers, struts, springs and suspension replacement parts. More importantly, the technical expertise of our auto service experts ensures you’ll leave with your car’s suspension in great condition.